6" Donut Cake

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6" Donut Cake

$30.00 per cake

A giant 6 inch yeast donut glazed with the flavour of your choosing.



Additional Info

Pictured here is our Citrus glaze with a candied lemon on top.

Great for birthdays or special events.

Choose from various optional add ons.

Please note that this flavour may contain common allergens such as nuts and dairy. For our vegan friends and those with dietary restrictions, we recommend checking in with us before ordering.

Our donuts are handmade from scratch by skilled pastry chefs, without the use of pre-mix, stabilizers, or preservatives. We source our ingredients from as close to home as possible, using organic ingredients whenever we can.

This product uses our yeast dough, a soft and fluffy bread like alternative to our more dense cake based donuts. Our yeast dough is made without eggs or dairy, making it a great option for our vegan friends. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make these cakes GF.

Please note that orders for cakes can only be picked up between 11 - 3 and must be picked up within 30 minutes of selected pick up time from our Pender location.  

Important Note: We have a small team in the bakery and can only accept a limited number of orders per day.  The following days are already at capacity, please choose a different day for your letter order.

Any orders placed for the date(s) below will be cancelled.

* Friday June 4

* Dec 25, 26, Jan 1


0% trans-fat and starch free
No stabilizers or pre-mixes
Vegan & gluten-free options
Made from scratch everyday