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Yeast Donut Options Image

Vanilla Bean

This pillow of goodness is topped with an organic ground vanilla bean glaze, an old school classic (V). 

Chocolate Glaze

A straight up 55% Belgian chocolate ganache glaze, done proper (V, Contains Soy).

Smoked Maple Walnut

A yeast donut topped with our maple glaze and our own spiced walnuts that we smoke ourselves (V, Contains Nuts).

Citrus Glaze

The ideal balance of sweet and tart! Grapefruit drizzle on top of a four citrus glaze, topped with candied lemon (V). 

Apple Fritter

Chunks of fresh apples and cinnamon are rolled into our yeast dough, fried to crispy perfection and then topped with a cinnamon glaze. Best fritter in town (V).

Cherry Lime

June Special

A light, airy yeast ring glazed with black cherry, topped with lime drizzle, and finished with a pie crust wedge (V).

Everyday Donuts

London Fog

A yeast donut stuffed with London Fog infused whipped cream, topped with earl grey glaze and finished with white chocolate ganache (Contains dairy).



Did you know that our yeast dough is actually vegan? Just like lots of breads, pizza doughs, even beer, there is no need for animal by products in a yeast dough. While some of the glazes, toppings, and fillings are not, if you see a (V), rest assured it's a naturally, fully vegan donut! 

Cake Donut Options Image

Earl Grey

Exactly as it sounds, this tasty cake donut is infused with an organic earl grey tea, topped with earl grey glaze and a sprinkling of rose petals! (V)

Earl Grey


Nothing here but the straight goods. Our vanilla donut glazed with organic vanilla bean. Enough said. (V)

Lemon Poppyseed

A vanilla cake donut with lemon poppyseed glaze (V).


Salted Caramel

Is there a more perfect combination? House made caramel is made into a glaze and then the donut is sprinkled with Van Island Salt Co smoked sea salt (V).


A few notes:

Earl Grey is our best selling flavor. The dough is speckled because of the earl grey tea! (V)


Our cake dough is vegan, however not all of the glazes are so please look for the "V".

Vegan & Gluten Friendly Options Image

Baked Earl Grey

Our baked version of our Earl Grey donut. Exactly as it sounds, this tasty cake donut is infused with an organic earl grey tea, topped with earl grey glaze and a sprinkling of rose petals. (VGF) 

Baked Double Chocolate

Just like it sounds, double the chocolate! Our gluten-friendly chocolate cake donut, topped with chocolate glaze (V/GF, Conatins Soy). 

Baked Salted Caramel

Our baked chocolate cake donut with caramel glaze and a sprinkling of Vancouver Island Salt (V/GF). 

Baked Classic

Our baked vanilla cake donut with vanilla bean glaze (V/GF). 

Baked Smoked Maple Walnut

Our baked vanilla cake donut with maple glaze and smoked maple walnuts (V/GF, Contains Nuts). 

Baked Choco Banana Bread 

June Special

A moist choco banana bread base glazed with banana, topped with caramel drizzle, and finished with a crispy banana chip (V/GF).

Baked Donuts (V/GF) DONUTS:

What's V/GF? This stands for Vegan (V) & Gluten Friendly (GF)! 


  • Our VGF donuts are baked and not fried to minimize cross contamination and to maximize the quality of the dough. 
  • Our V/GF dough is always vegan, and for the most part we make it so their glazes and toppings are vegan as well, including monthly specials. If you see (V/GF) in it's description, it's Vegan & Gluten-Friendly!

Specials Image

Mango Coconut

Mango glaze with an outer ring of toasted coconut (V).

Salted Chocolate

Chocolate glaze with caramel drizzle and Vancouver Island Sea Salt smoked sea salt (V, Contains soy). 

Lemon Orange

Lemon glaze with a candied orange wedge (V).


Pistachio glaze with toasted pistachios (V, Contains Pistachios).

Rose Wine

Red wine glaze with rose petals (Contains Alcohol). 

Blueberry Lavender

Blueberry glaze with a lavender drizzle (V).

Golden Classic

Vanilla glaze with gold flakes (V).

Silver Classic

Vanilla glaze with silver flakes (V).

Chocolate Sprinkles

Chocolate glaze with sprinkles (Contains soy).


Specialty Flavours that aren't on our everyday menu. Want to give them a try? Ask us about a consultation or keep an eye our on our social media channels, we rotate through these flavours as weekly specials! (Therefore, all these flavours are not available every day). 


• Available to order by the dozen for your next special occasion. Minimum order of 1 dozen per flavour.

• Available on either Vanilla Cake, Yeast or Vanilla Gluten Friendly dough. The donuts pictured here are on our
vanilla cake dough.

• Many flavours are vegan  (V) when ordered on Yeast or vanilla Gluten Friendly dough*.


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Beverages Options Image


A shot of espresso, plain and simple!


Espresso with a layer of velvety milk.


Espresso & steamed milk.


Espresso with hot water.


Espresso with house made chocolate syrup & steamed milk.


Earl Grey

Smooth, black, robust tea, sprinkled with Italian Bergamot. 

Sunset Sencha

A green tea blend with citrus extracts and tropical notes. 

Tropical Citrus

Tropical Rooibos blend, caffeine free!! 

Canadian Breakfast

A Canadian take on the classic breakfast blend. 

Strawberry Mint

A ton of fresh herbs and dehydrated strawberry pieces come together  to create a super refreshing hot or iced herbal infusion.


London Fog

London Fog tea blend with hot steamed milk and a splash of vanilla.

Chai Latte

Aromatic spiced black tea concentrate, made in house, finished with steamed milk.

Hot Chocolate

House made chocolate syrup with steamed milk and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. 


Did you know?

We offer Soy Milk and Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk for any of your favourite cafe drinks, at no added cost! ⁠